Self renewal involves letting go of the old and embracing the new. Life transitions take place when you find yourself in a rut, death of a loved one, divorce, job loss and relationship break-ups. However, these hills and valleys are here to test you. You find out how strong (or weak) you really are and it prepares you for the next phase in your life.

Change is good and every negative thing that happens in your life is NOT tragic. Sometimes things happen to force you out of your comfort zone so you can grow and mature. No, it does not feel good but in the end there is a blessing waiting just for you if you allow yourself to feel the pain, loss and disappointment.

When healing takes place, you can see clearer and you make the necessary adjustments to begin anew. Remember, either you are getting ready to go through a storm, in the middle of the storm or coming out of the storm. That’s life in a nutshell!!!

Don’t allow anyone, anything, or any situation cause you to give up on having inner peace and loving yourself. No one is exempt from pain, sorrow, disappointment and rejection. The key to overcoming these trials is understanding and embracing the lesson.

Free yourself today of all the unnecessary baggage and start living life to the fullest. Live with no regrets!!!

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