My sister Tammy

I would like to pose some questions: Do you know you are valued by others? Do you know that your life has purpose? Did you know that people perceive you the way you perceive yourself? My sister, Tammy Tennard, shared that with me years ago and that was one of the most powerful,poignant statements that changed my view of myself and life. Thank you for helping me to love myself!

:)Remember: Whatever you are going through that is painful, disappointing or lacking in your life, it is only temporary! You have to believe in yourself!!! No PITY PARTIES!!! You have a set purpose in life and that is to help others!!! It’s not always about you! Through your tears, extend that olive branch to help someone!
I love humanity and that includes YOU!!!

One thought on “Values,Purpose,Perception,Pain

  1. Tammy T. says:

    Since God fearfully and wonderfully made us….take the time to flourish in the frame in which He has given..

    God’s love is perfect!!

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