Favor from God

Cover of "Peace"

Cover of Peace

God has work for me to do!!! All you imps, busybodies, and haters get out of my way!!! I declare prosperity, deliverance and excellent health over myself. I am no one’s door mat. I belong to all Mighty God.

You see I am a very transparent person. I have been dealing with people lying on me and denying me what is rightfully mine. Well, I want you to know that you are forgiven but you have no control of my life,only God. You may have shut the window but God is going to open the door!!!

Pity party go away!!! You have no place in my life!!! As for me and my house (the Owens household) we will serve the Lord. Thank you for blessing me with a man that believes every word you promised. Thank you for giving him a heart for you. Vargus Lamar “Big Daddy” Owens, I love you baby and I am humbled that God choice me to walk in faith with you!

His mercies are NEW every morning!!! GREAT is His faithfulness towards a filthy rag like me!!!

There is nothing too hard for Him.

(I had to release that out of my spirit!)



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