RSWY Series-Rebuilding Your Life Part 2

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What is infidelity? The definition of infidelity in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is: “the act or fact of having a romantic or sexual relationship with someone other than your husband, wife, or partner.”

Scenario # 1- Not only are the Robinson’s marriage falling apart, Rita finds out that her husband of fourteen years is cheating and wants out of the marriage.

In America, most people feel infidelity is tied to one’s religious beliefs. The premise of marriage is that “the two shall become one,” “forsaking all others” are very restricted, in other words, there should not be any outside forces capable of breaking a sacred bond. (The Bible-King James Version)

When trust between two people is broken, it is very difficult to rebuild a marriage. In the Robinson’s case, Rita wants a divorce. They have struggled for years trying to hold the marriage together and Raymond decides he needs an outlet. Heartbroken and despondent accurately describe Rita state of mind. She is trying to figure out when the infidelity began, does she know the person and if anyone in her immediate circle knows the dirty truth.

Rita has to make a decision.  How does she approach Raymond with the information? Does she hire a private investigator to have concrete proof?  Deep in her, she knows it’s true because he’s coming home late, she finds the cell phone records and heartstakingly notices the same number, and he always starts an argument every time he wants to leave the house without her. The children suddenly enter into her clouded mind and she begins sobbing. Do I leave? What about the children? It’s too much to deal with right now.

Raymond arrives home coincidentally with her favorite flowers. He immediately notices that Rita has been crying; so, he asks her if she’s okay. Needless to say, she blurts out the information. He is stunned and has to admit it’s true because she threatens to leave with the children. Rita begins to cry uncontrollably and beats Raymond in the chest. He starts to apologize and said that he felt she no longer loved him; there was very little intimacy and love-making.

They decide to seek help. Through weeks of life coaching, they realize that poor communication and neglect caused the breakdown in the marriage. Raymond and Rita are aware that it is going to take time, patience, honesty and love to rebuild their relationship.

The Raymond’s successfully rebuilt their marriage.

Unfortunately, most marriages do not survive infidelity.

Excerpts from Relationships Start With You

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