Thanksgiving and Prayer

I would like to wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving.   I solicit your prayers.  I am going to Pearland, Texas to visit my family. My mother has been ill off and on this year and now she is in CCU. Daddy is rarely ill; he’s 87 years young but he was taken to the ER twice this week.

Family means everything to me. I love them dearly and I ask God to place His healing hands on my mother and father. They are elderly and each day is precious. I moved away 3 years ago and it breaks my heart when my parents are not feeling well.

One thing I do know is God answers prayers. The Word of God says,”by His stripes  we are healed.” So,today I claim the victory for my parents !!!

Also, my children lost their paternal grandmother in June so the holidays have been very hard for the entire family. Father, give them peace, help them to remember the good times and the love she gave to each of them.

Again, thank you in advance for your prayers. Those of you who are traveling, I pray for safe passage in your going out and coming in.




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