Thanks for Your Prayers and Support

To my dedicated followers, I want to thank you for your thoughts, prayers and well wishes during my illness. I went home to Houston, Texas to visit my family for the holidays. I arrived on Thanksgiving Day and found out my mother was not only ill but still hospitalized. On the Tuesday after Thanksgiving I went to the hospital to spend some time with her before heading to the airport. However, I was not feeling well either. So,. I told my daughter that I wanted to go to the ER downstairs to get a breathing treatment. Well to my surprise, I found out I had pneumonia in both lungs! So I missed my flight and was admitted into the same hospital. I am glad to report my mother went home on Thursday and I remained until Saturday. I am still in Houston,Texas. I will return home to Georgia once I am strong enough to travel. Again thank you for being loyal and concerned. I hope to start blogging next week. Blessings to each of you . Sincerely, Gwen

2 thoughts on “Thanks for Your Prayers and Support

  1. Pamela B. says:

    Dear Gwen, Had I of know of your mother’s illness or yours I would have been there in a flash. I pray all is well with the both of you and your entire family. Please tell your mom that Missy Jones sends her love.I miss you all. god be with you.

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