If I Can Help Somebody…My Living Shall NOT Be In Vain

I wrote this to a friend:

Diane, you continue to walk by faith! What God has for you is for YOU!!! All the imps, critics, naysayers, backstabbers and liars can’t block God’s blessings. My mantra is ,”when one door is closed, God ALWAYS opens MORE doors.” There is a business/company that needs your expertise. Pray for your enemies and allow God to deal with the rest! Praying for you!!!

My additional $.02:

God has to move us sometimes because we will set up shop at these jobs. We MUST understand that He has a greater purpose. He promised us that He would supply our needs and he asks that we trust Him and do not lean to our own understanding. Does it get uncomfortable? Absolutely! But, DO NOT GIVE UP ON GOD!!! Man will fail you. These employers are not your source; they try to make you THINK they have power over you. NOT!!! Again, God will deal with them; you forgive and move on! God is the vehicle, captain, pilot, Alpha and Omega!

“No place, person or condition is your supply.”

Yes, I am on a roll!

Last year, January 14, 2011, God healed my body. Since then, I’ve had gall bladder surgery; I was diagnosed with pneumonia and was in the hospital in Houston, TX. from last Tuesday to Saturday. I flew home tonight. Do you think for one minute that I buy into the notion that I am NOT healed? NO! I trusted man with my livelihood and feared the worst all the time. When I could not wipe my butt, walk, talk or feed myself, I had to look up to God! He healed me! He restored me! He made me whole!

After 14 years of teaching, I was told that I was not a “good fit.” Those who have worked with me, KNOW that I was a caring and compassionate teacher who had skills!!! Yes, I got angry at the beginning. Then, I remembered WHO I belonged to and each day I went to work with love and forgiveness in my heart; I taught with everything I had until the last day of school.

Then, God placed Relationships Start With You on my heart. He chose me! So, I am starting a new phase in my life and I am excited; I will not look back because it is the past.

Why worry? Don’t you know God is big enough to see you through?

Okay, you may pass around the collection plate!

Love ya’ll!!! Goodnight!

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