Potpourri of Thoughts about Women and Men

Laughing black couple







Before you begin a relationship, make sure you are comfortable in your own skin, have values & will not tolerate disrespect, neglect or abuse. RSWY

I hate to hear women say there aren’t any good men.The problem is you are drawing the same loser:different person/same mentality! Work on yourself! RSWY

There is a huge difference between a male and a man. A male has an ulterior motive but a man is responsible, loving, attentive and classy! RSWY

If you want to learn to love, value and respect yourself, follow http://www.facebook.com/RelationshipsStartWithYou …. RSWY

An insecure woman is a magnet to a #manipulative male. #user RSWY

A happy woman is a secure one. #confidence RSWY

Believe in yourself no matter what others think!!! You know your purpose plus they are on the outside looking in! RSWY

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