What is This World Coming To?-Connecticut Tragedy

I have pondered all day what to write concerning the tragedy in Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary. 20 children and 6 adults are dead. We have to raise our children. Teach them the word “NO.” Take them to church, synagogue, temple, etc.! You have to know what your children are involved in and all of their friends . You are not their buddy; you are their parent(s). You cannot raise a child when he turns 10. You teach and model what is/isn’t acceptable when they are small. Teach them to be respectful and be considerate of other’s feelings. There is no such thing as a child having privacy: ask my two adult children.

These killings were senseless! These poor babies will never know what its like to be a teenager, young adult, married and have their own children. Prayer needs to be in schools. What is a moment of silence? Kids talking and looking around.

Father, I stretch my hands to you. I pray for the children, parents, teachers and school officials. Man has gotten away from respecting and regarding life. God, we ask that this nation come together as one so that changes can be made to protect us from walking down the street, going to the grocery store, the movies, school,places of worship, our homes and jobs without fear of our lives being in danger. Teach our children to regard authority and to value life. May your peace and protection cover everyone that has been affected by this horrific tragedy.


10 thoughts on “What is This World Coming To?-Connecticut Tragedy

  1. fgassette says:

    I join you in your prayer. Welcome! Thank you for subscribing to follow my blog. I hope you are encouraged, inspired and enjoy the photos I take of life’s events as seen through the lens of my camera.

  2. rozsagaston says:

    Gwen – I’m still speechless here in Greenwich, 45 minutes down the road from Newtown. We need to get guns out of the hands of lay people now. I’m hoping our President has now reached the tipping point. I am blessed by your blog, thank you.

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