Unto Us A Child Is Born…Happy Holidays


Jesus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even though we don’t know the exact day that Christ was born, we are grateful that he sacrificed his life for the sins of this world/mankind. So, I personally  want to take the the time and acknowledge the birth of the Savior. The three wise men went to Bethlehem and gave baby Jesus their most expensive treasures because the King of Kings was born. Happy birthday to my intercessor, wonderful counselor, and  prince of peace. Because of you, grace and mercy has been granted to my sinful soul. “Glory to the highest, peace on earth and good will towards ALL men.” Happy birthday Jesus!

Happy Holidays to each of you from Relationships Start With You! Whatever denomination you are affiliated with the one thing we have in common is our belief in God. I pray for prosperity, healing, love, forgiveness, grace and mercy for each of you. May you be elevated in your “going out and coming in.”

Blessings to you and the success of your business in 2013!

Gwendolyn Owens-RSWY


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