Women and Relationships Day 2:Wellness-Taking Better Care of Yourself

Women’s HealthI-am-my-own-woman

Ladies, we must take better care of ourselves. Women tend to put everyone’s needs before their own i.e. raising children,running errands, taking care of the spouse or significant other, working,taking the children to their extracurricular activities. The list goes on…

When do you find the time to take care of yourself? Are you ignoring your own wellness? According to the Center of Disease Control ,high blood pressure and high cholesterol are major risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD),the leading cause of death in women.

Find time each day (at least 15 minutes) to relax: walk, read, meditate,or take a nap. Also, you need to eat healthy, be active, protect yourself (disease-STD), manage stress and get regular check-ups. Form a accountability team.  It is important to surround yourself with people who will support you on your wellness journey.

It is important that you are happy and your needs are met, too. You are not being selfish if you take time to pamper yourself. Get a massage. Go to the movies. Take yourself to dinner. Your well-being should be your number one priority!

I need to work on________________ to create a better me.


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