Women and Relationships Days 16-17 Funny Things Women Should Know About Men

couple laughingToday, I wanted to lighten the mood and add some humor to the series Women and Relationships. You are welcome to add to my list of  Funny Things Women Should Know About Men.

1. When you are going to the bathroom at night, make sure the lid is DOWN because 9 times out of 10 it is UP and you don’t want your bottom wet! Remedy: cut the light on.

2. All men hate to hear the infamous words, “We need to talk.”

3. Men hate to go shopping with their ladies. So, they wait outside of the store and people watch or play games on the phone. It’s funny because you can tell if a man is ready to go by the expression on his face.

4. If you want to break up with a man just tell him you want to get married and have his babies.

5.Most men who claim to be your platonic friend is a bunch of hogwash. Trust me he has other motives in mind.

6. He heard you the first time. Let your words merinade. If you repeat yourself, he is now ignoring you. Move along.

7.Men hate matching outfits. That is so 70’s. LOL!!!

8. If you want to go on a shopping spree, ask your husband for the credit card while he’s watching sports. He will reach in his pocket,pull out his wallet and hand it to you without taking his eyes off the game. It works every time!

9. Men won’t admit it but they like sappy movies, too!

10. Men always give one word answers. For example,

“How are you hunny?


“How was your day?


” My parents are coming to visit for a week.”




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