Happy Being Me/Brown Skin




Take care and love yourself! You cannot expect someone to treat you a certain way and you have absolutely no regard for your own well-being. Stop treating others better than you do yourself! You have to know your worth. Your family and friends can encourage and tell you how wonderful you are but it doesn’t mean anything if YOU don’t believe it!!! Go to counseling! Join a support group! Speak love and life over yourself. Stop believing negative things that other have said about you. They are miserable themselves. Love comes from within; it is not superficial. Words like”I am too fat; I am too dark; my hair is too kinky” are self-defeating. If you are tired of being fat, there is a solution-lose weight. Embrace your beautiful brown skin and natural hair! I wasn’t blessed with a round bottom but I had to learn to accept that there is more to me than my ass! Nobody can say it better than Angie Stone,”Happy Being Me” and India Arie, “Brown Skin.” Listen to these songs!!! I dare you!!!

4 thoughts on “Happy Being Me/Brown Skin

  1. Eileen says:

    Thanks for all of the positive thoughts … so true too, it all begins with what you think (and say) about yourself.

  2. IAmTeamClassic says:

    “Stop believing negative things that other have said about you. They are miserable themselves.” So true! Never let anyone diminish your self-worth.

  3. Kathy Buono says:

    I love the title of this post. Thank you for all the positive vibes. We do forget that we need to love ourselves, too. I like the part where you add that if we don’t like something about ourselves, it’s up to us to change it. Thanks for sharing.

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