Are We Really Thankful?


In a world where instant gratification is the norm, are we really thankful? We must go back to the basics and appreciate the simple things in life! We are absorbed with our jobs, money and prestige but at the end of the day we must focus on what is really important: family, health, love and giving.
The economy has affected so many people. Lifestyles have changed and priorities have shifted. Does is take a crisis for us to see the beauty of life? Sometimes, the answer is yes. I am guilty of taking life for granted. When I became ill and near death, my outlook on life changed drastically. I forgave those who hurt me and I appreciate seeing the sun rise and set. Family is my number one priority! I don’t stress about things that I cannot control. I learned to trust God explicitly. My life is not my own and I  learned that I have very little control. One minute you are up and suddenly tragedy strikes. I do not worry about things.
Do not wait until a life-changing event to occur for you to see your blessings!!! Be thankful for life and the love of  your family and friends!
I am thankful!!!

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