How Do I Really Feel?

I put off blogging last week because I couldn’t find the words to convey my feelings about the election and the new president. It troubles me that we live in a country that fought so hard for equality; yet, people voted for a man who proves time and time again that he is not representative of ” freedom and justice for ALL.”

I shiver at the thought of what’s going to happen to the poor and disenfranchised. How does he benefit from helping someone when he feels it’s their fault?  He is a liar and an embarrassment to this nation and the world. Individuals that never voted headed to the polls, stood in line, and cast their vote for a man that made empty promises: poor, uneducated white males. Yes, there  are folks that are middle to upper-middle class blacks and whites alike that took it upon themselves to support this man. Most of them helped him to win the most important election in the 21st century because Senator Hillary Clinton supports pro-abortion rights and she is seen as a liar.

I think about women who are forcibly raped and want to terminate a pregnancy. Are you saying that she doesn’t have the right to make a life-changing decision? Why would you want the government  to make that decision for you? People, you have to stay out of God’s business!  We have absolutely no right to tell a woman what to do with her body. I know you think I am pro-abortion; well, I’m not.  Heaven forbid if I were faced with this horrific act and having to make a difficult decision as to whether or not I can live with a constant reminder of what happened to me.

Yes, I am an educated, gainfully employed black woman ( I hate the phrase African American).

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