Don’t You Dare Judge Black People!

Burnt Orange, Tanning Bed Lover, Cheetos, whatever name you want to call IT, here are your fine people looting. Are you going to shoot them? How do you think America was formed? It was TAKEN by looting, robbing, stealing, murdering, lying, and stripping others of their own birthright and freedom. Then, you label us minority. You called them “boy.” Really??? They still suffer at the hands of bigoted racist men. How dare you? How dare you judge black people!!! White America brought Africans from their land and forced them into slavery. Then, you call them heathens and nigger. Women were raped, men were beaten, and children were separated from their parents and siblings. Anyone that defied the systemics of slavery were murdered. Who are the good people? Those that perpetuate division, violence, and racism. I beg to differ.

Now, I DO NOT believe in destroying others personal or commercial property. But, remember and don’t you EVER forget that it was done to the American Indian. When will we be heard? When will the powers at the helm recognize that we are human beings trying to take care of our families, be productive citizens, and leave a legacy for our children. You are always saying, “make American great again.” Is this the results of your instigating and inciting violence? Really??? You need to be thrown out of office and erased from the history books just like you are trying to eradicate my people! How dare you???!!!


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