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Gwendolyn Owens, CEO of Relationships Start With You, is a women’s advocate/relationship expert, educator, and blogger. Her message breathes life into women who are broken, have low self-esteem and are in toxic relationships. Gwendolyn is passionate about helping women overcome adversity because she was once a very troubled and insecure person with no hope. She triumphed and overcame a devastating divorce, low self-esteem, a life-threatening illness and job loss. Her journey was not easy but she made a decision to live and be happy, forgive others, have a great support system of family and close friends, choosing to have a healthy lifestyle and affirming self-love. Later, Mrs. Owens decided to follow her calling and create her life’s work, Relationships Start with You. RSWY transforms women’s lives through self-discovery by letting go of the past, forgiving others, loving yourself unconditionally, and having healthy relationships through motivational speaking, interactive workshops, conferences, women’s organizations, symposiums and community outreach.

CEO Gwendolyn Owens has been a guest on The Healing Place, Relationship Party, I‘m Every Woman, Chat Atlanta-WXRP Blog Talk Radio, The Single Black Woman’s Guide to Dating and a contributing writer for Esteem Magazine October 2012 Issue (www.esteemzine.com) ( A complete list can be found on Services page.)

Host-The Black Woman’s Guide to Love with Shawn Hill, Patrick Bishop and Keisha Stoute; Blog Talk Radio (Monday Nights)-June 2013-October 2013

Featured: Kae Whitaker Solutions-Small Biz Thursday 2

 May 20, 2014 http://kaewhitaker.com/small-biz-thursday-2/        



For more information, visit:


Official Website: http://www.relationshipsstartwithyou.com    

Professional Sitehttp://www.collegespeakercafe.com/gwendolyn-owens

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RSWY_2012

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/RelationshipsStartWithYou.

Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/gtennard/



Google+ https://plus.google.com/110409700411648

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/gtennard

Phone: 404-832.5480  (based in Atlanta, Georgia)

Relationships Start With You Testimonials

Esteem Magazine, LLC
Esteem Magazine, LLC
A Division of KS Express Publishing

Gwendolyn’s article on “Healthy Relationships Begin with You” was very inspiring and well written. The article encouraged our readers to take the time to love and value themselves, so they will avoid sabotaging potentially healthy relationships.

October 18, 2012, Esteem was Gwendolyn’s client

Stacy Michelle Smith
Stacy Michelle Smith
Studio Owner and Photographer at SMS Studios & Photography

Gwendolyn has a beautiful talent for dedication to her clients. Her life experiences have prepared her to tackle this wonderful journey called life. Gwendolyn has great attention for detail and knows what each client needs individual to help them succeed. She has a genuine love for helping people be the best they can be. Gwendolyn is an outstanding life coach.

September 26, 2012, Stacy Michelle was with another company when working with Gwendolyn at Relationships Start With You

Judi Mason
Judi Mason
Author, Speaker & Business Development

Gwen Owens is a dedicated life coach who has a sincere desire to see her clients set free from their pain and anguish. Gwen’s life experiences have prepared her for this career path; because of her tumultuous journey Gwen is able to confront and combat her clients’ painful existence. Gwen has a gifted ability to move her clients from a place of being considered a victim of…more

September 21, 2012, Judi managed Gwendolyn at Relationships Start With You

Brandi Harris, MSA

Brandi Harris, MSA
Accounting Supervisor, Bank Reconciliations

Gwen is one of the most exceptional people I know. She’s educated, energetic, and passionate about life coaching and speaking. Her journey has been genuine and real and she is honest and forthcoming about the ups and downs of her life experiences. Her straight forward and warm style of communication creates a safe and open environment. She helps clarify needed growth areas in your life and develops a plan on how to move forward.

March 10, 2013, Brandi was Gwendolyn’s client

24 thoughts on “About the CEO

  1. Lateral Love Australia says:

    We would like to sincerely thank you for following Lateral Love Australia. Our primary aim is to get people talking about Lateral Violence to enable contemplation about the opposite which is Lateral Love; to encourage thoughts on how we can all go about instilling this into the lives of our children and loved ones so that they will be able to identify Lateral Violence and Racism when they are confronted by it by having in place some strategies and coping mechanisms to repel these incidents from a position of knowledge and cultural strength. In doing so we hope to encourage and nurture our children and grandchildren, the future leaders of this world away from the deadly depths of despair that we currently face particularly here in Australia within our Aboriginal and Islander communities in regard to child and youth suicide. So once again, thank you! We are humbled by your follow and enriched through your support. Yours in Unity through Lateral Love & Spirit of Care for all Humankind ~ Brian, Nicola and The Lateral Love Team 2012

    • gwenrelationshipsstartwithyou says:

      Always a mum,
      Thank you! I am passionate about helping women to overcome adversity, bad relationships and embrace who they are and know their worth!


  2. Sebastian says:

    Hello Gwen! I look forward to really diving into your blog…I have enjoyed what I’ve seen so far! Also, thank you for following my blog at Faith1st Ministry. I hope it has and will continue to be a major blessing in your life. May God richly bless you as you continue to write and blog. Please continue with us on this journey and remember to have Faith 1st. — Sebastian

    • gwenrelationshipsstartwithyou says:

      Thanks Sebastian for the kind words and yes I will continue to follow your blog. My goal is to help women who are hurting. I was once that same woman. Being passionate about my business is an understatement.
      See you at the top!

  3. rozsagaston says:

    Gwen darling – thanks for dropping by my blog! My women’s contemporary fiction novel, Paris Adieu, is the story of Ava’s journey to self-discovery in Paris. Ava’s two mottos are 1) fake it till you make it and 2) be comfortable in your own skin. It was a struggle for her to journey toward both of those goals, but she did. Gift yourself with Paris Adieu for the holidays. I think you will like it! amzn.to/MLX194

  4. simplyjuliana says:

    What a wonderful vision!! This is so very needed and has been for quite some time! God bless you in all of your endeavors! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog…I hope you were abundantly blessed!! Juliana

    • gwenrelationshipsstartwithyou says:

      Juliana, I just want to do God’s work through my life experiences. I give Him all the credit! You are also a blessing!!!

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