What is a Women’s Advocate?

A women’s advocate is a trusted mentor who can help you identify and uncover what keeps you from reaching your fullest potential. It is a relationship that provides a supportive and non-judgmental space to help you create what you want for yourself.

What types of people attend  speaking engagements and workshops?

Women from all walks of life. I work with people in all areas of their life including relationships, poor body image, health and low self-esteem. People who are interested in seeking  an advocate are committed to a more fulfilled life and are willing to do the work needed to get there.

How will attending a speaking engagement or a workshop help?

If your reasons are personal, you can find great advice to help you improve your relationships, resolve ongoing negative behaviors, improve your overall health, and grow spirituality. Attending events allow you to have a more balanced and enriched life, and make your dreams come true!

What happens at a workshop?

Each workshop is tailored to participants and based on their individual needs. In the beginning, we will discuss what you want to accomplish through our work together and we will begin to create a plan to achieve your goals. You will get assignments to help direct your progress. We will work together to unblock obstacles and celebrate successes. With the conclusion of each session, we will revisit your goals and evaluate the next steps that are needed to achieve these results.

How is Coaching different from Therapy?

Life coaches are not therapists, psychologists, or counselors. Coaching is not traditional therapy because it is not designed to address psychological issues. The primary focus of life coaching is to help you identify your issues, resolve them, and develop a positive attitude, good habits and usable skills.

What about confidentiality?

What we discuss will be held in confidence and not shared with others. Your personal information will always be protected.

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  1. Errie Bennett says:

    I did not realize that you authored two books. What are the titles? I would love to read them!!

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