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Gwendolyn Owens of Relationships Start With You

Women’s Advocate, Relationship Expert, Speaker

You cannot have a healthy relationship if you do not love and value yourself first!!!

Keynote topics

Forgiveness: Why Is It Necessary To Forgive?

During the course of the workshop/presentation, you will learn to redefine what forgiveness is and how it affects all aspect of your life. Carrying anger, resentment and bitterness in your heart is destructive and draining. You will be given tools/steps that will allow you to live in peace, forgive without reservation and have an enjoyable life.

Loving Yourself Unconditionally

This program provides a safe environment and support essential for building self-esteem and self- worth. The goal is to have a more compassionate, loving relationship with you. You will use affirmations for being real as a tool to happiness and joy.

It’s Time to Move On-When Is the Right Time to End a Relationship?

This program provides simple applications on how to end a toxic relationship.

The goal is to discover how your habits and beliefs about love and intimacy affect your relationships. You will effectively communicate your deepest feelings, wants and expectation and to consciously choose your ideal mate.




Stacy Michelle Smith -SMS Studios & Photography Houston, Texas

Gwendolyn has a beautiful talent for dedication to her clients. Her life experiences have prepared her to tackle this wonderful journey called life. Gwendolyn has great attention for detail and knows what each client needs individual to help them succeed. She has a genuine love for helping people be the best they can be. Gwendolyn is an outstanding life coach.


Judi Mason-Author, Speaker & Business Development Atlanta, Georgia

Gwen Owens is a dedicated life coach who has a sincere desire to see her clients set free from their pain and anguish. Gwen’s life experiences have prepared her for this career path; because of her tumultuous journey Gwen is able to confront and combat her clients’ painful existence. Gwen has a gifted ability to move her clients from a place of being considered a victim of their circumstances to a mental and emotional place of becoming a victor over them. I can’t think of a more gifted life coach to empower her clients to a place of freedom than Gwen Owens.


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Bookings: (404)832-5480/




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