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At Relationships Starts With You (RSWY), we  provide our clients with high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our professional, courteous and efficient staff members are here to help you.

Call today. 404-832-5480 (based in Atlanta, Georgia)

We travel across the country!


At RSWY,you will gain confidence to overcome difficult transitions, whether it is divorce, anger, low-self esteem, depression,or poor body image. Our ideal clients are women, groups or organizations that are motivated to pursue personal goals and begin loving and embracing the beautiful person that is inside of her. We enjoy working with anyone eager to explore a life that is satisfying and fulfilling. Women at any stage in life are welcome!!!

Mission: Transforming Lives Through Self-Discovery
Relationships Start With You is a voice for women to lead, guide and direct you through the roller coaster journeys of life,build self-esteem and have strong, healthy relationships with others and more importantly with yourself.

Motto:  You cannot have a healthy relationship if you do not love and value yourself first!!!


  •  speaking engagements to motivate ,inspire and a call to action
  • interactive workshops
  • symposiums (guest panelist)
  • family and community outreach

You will walk away with a clearer vision of what type of people you will allow in your life and a renewed sense of self-empowerment. Our workshops are interactive which includes hands-on activities and question and answer session.  For more details go to:

Women’s Advocate/ Relationship Expert/ Speaker:
RSWY offers motivational speaking to motivate or inspire an audience. We deliver encouraging messages, sometimes based on our own stories of overcoming great obstacles,to churches,colleges, universities, women’s groups, civic groups, organizations, community outreach, and teens . RSWY is also energetic in nature, with a desired outcome of moving attendees to action.


RSWY workshops are interactive and engaging which includes hands-on activities along with a question and answer session. There is a sisterhood that is formed to support you on the ultimate journey and that is to have the vibrant, meaningful, joyful life of your dreams.

Contributing Writer:

CEO Gwendolyn Owens contributes articles to online publications on topics such as relationships, women’s issues, education, healthy lifestyle and self-empowerment.

Blog Talk Radio:

Host-The Black Woman’s Guide to Love with Shawn Hill, Patrick Bishop and Keisha Stoute; Blog Talk Radio (Monday Nights)-  Started June 2013

RSWY CEO has been a:

For more information, visit

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