What’s Love Got to do With It? The True Meaning of Marriage

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****Disclaimer: I firmly believe in women having careers. I encourage it.

Marriage is a union between two people that biblically become one. It is a covenant between two people who confess their love in front of God, family, friends and each other.
Marriage will have its ups and downs but only those that are in love and are truly committed will survive. Love doesn’t allow you to intentionally hurt or say mean things to your spouse. That’s not of God. Anger only last for a moment because love prevails. You don’t focus on the negativity but see the beauty in your mate. Love carries you through the good AND bad times.
Your commitment to one another doesn’t allow strife to penetrate the marriage. It takes a strong Godly man, who is a leader, to keep his house in order because of His love for God, his wife, and children. The wife prays and uplifts her husband and has his back. She buffers situations; she runs her household in love. But, none of this can come to pass if the husband does not listen to counsel or seeks God for instruction. His love for God allows him to take pride in being the bread winner and he makes sure that his home is safe and secure.
“A man that finds a wife, finds a good thing AND finds favor in the Lord.”
In the 21st century, there are men who still find joy in taking care of their family and home.

Relationships Start With You 10, 000 Strong Rally August 31, 2015

imageGood morning RSWY Loyal Fans!
We have 16 days until the 10,000 Strong Rally. Thanks to each of you that are fully committed to seeing this through. It’s not about the number 10,000 but the support of those who believe that RSWY can change a woman or a couple’s life one person at a time. I am determined to share my story and reach the masses! There will be an upcoming video from me along with a question and answer session. Two lucky people will win a 15 minute session with me. You do not have to live in my area to win but you must participate in the event.
RSWY is on the move and my prayer is that hearts will be healed, careers will come to fruition and healthy relationships are formed.
Again many thanks for your loyalty,
Gwendolyn Continue reading

What is This World Coming To?-Connecticut Tragedy

I have pondered all day what to write concerning the tragedy in Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary. 20 children and 6 adults are dead. We have to raise our children. Teach them the word “NO.” Take them to church, synagogue, temple, etc.! You have to know what your children are involved in and all of their friends . You are not their buddy; you are their parent(s). You cannot raise a child when he turns 10. You teach and model what is/isn’t acceptable when they are small. Teach them to be respectful and be considerate of other’s feelings. There is no such thing as a child having privacy: ask my two adult children.

These killings were senseless! These poor babies will never know what its like to be a teenager, young adult, married and have their own children. Prayer needs to be in schools. What is a moment of silence? Kids talking and looking around.

Father, I stretch my hands to you. I pray for the children, parents, teachers and school officials. Man has gotten away from respecting and regarding life. God, we ask that this nation come together as one so that changes can be made to protect us from walking down the street, going to the grocery store, the movies, school,places of worship, our homes and jobs without fear of our lives being in danger. Teach our children to regard authority and to value life. May your peace and protection cover everyone that has been affected by this horrific tragedy.