Women and Relationships Days 4 and 5-Desperation

I am ALWAYS available. I am clingy. I am afraid to make a mistake. I am afraid to voice my concerns. I need to constantly know the status of my relationship. I fish for compliments. I drop my friends so I am available at all times. I lower my standards. I rationalize bad treatment. Do any of  these statements ring true in your life? If you see yourself exhibiting these types of behavior, you are acting desperate.
What is desperation? the condition of being desperate;recklessness arising from despair.
Desperation is a mental trap of insecurities. This behavior comes from lack of self-respect, poor body image,low self-esteem or a devastating breakup. You are constantly on “high alert.” Anxiety sets in if the phone doesn’t constantly ring or he tells you he is not pleased with your actions. So, you start buying him clothes, expensive cologne, taking him out and then the focal point/goal is pleasing him and not getting your own needs met. You start making unannounced visits. Red Flag: your unsolicited help will be viewed as interfering with his privacy;he won’t appreciate it and it will definitely turn him off!!!
REMEDY: Healthy relationships have balance. When you aren’t looking for a man is when they are most likely to find you. Learn to embrace who you are and be confident in what you have to offer. Understand that you don’t have to put on a “dog and pony show‘ to hold on or attract a man. Be yourself. If the relationship does not work, that means you are not compatible. Stop reading so much into why the relationship dissolved. Some women need professional help to deal with issues that are deeply ingrained into their psyche. Do what it takes to improve your quality of life. It is well worth it . ***Your soul mate is waiting for you and at the precise time your paths will cross. Be patient, enjoy dating and loving you!
Today’s Mantra: I do not have to buy a man. I have qualities that will attract my soul mate. I will not lower my standards because I don’t want to be alone or rejected. I will not sell myself short when it comes to allowing a man into my personal space/world. He must be gainfully employed, respectful, kind, loving, honest, adventurous and have a heart for God. If my values clash with his, it simply means he is not the one for me.
I am guilty of _____________ when it comes to relationships with men. Today, I will work on __________________ to improve myself so that the right man can enter into my life.

Women and Relationships Day 2:Wellness-Taking Better Care of Yourself

Women’s HealthI-am-my-own-woman

Ladies, we must take better care of ourselves. Women tend to put everyone’s needs before their own i.e. raising children,running errands, taking care of the spouse or significant other, working,taking the children to their extracurricular activities. The list goes on…

When do you find the time to take care of yourself? Are you ignoring your own wellness? According to the Center of Disease Control ,high blood pressure and high cholesterol are major risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD),the leading cause of death in women.

Find time each day (at least 15 minutes) to relax: walk, read, meditate,or take a nap. Also, you need to eat healthy, be active, protect yourself (disease-STD), manage stress and get regular check-ups. Form a accountability team.  It is important to surround yourself with people who will support you on your wellness journey.

It is important that you are happy and your needs are met, too. You are not being selfish if you take time to pamper yourself. Get a massage. Go to the movies. Take yourself to dinner. Your well-being should be your number one priority!

I need to work on________________ to create a better me.


Relationships Start With You Bookings for 2013

I am the CEO of Relationships Start With You. We assists women who are dealing with low self-esteem, poor body image and are struggling with life’s difficult transitions. We offer candid motivational speaking, interactive workshops, freelance writing and family and community outreach services.

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Hatlanta Jazz and Brunch-benefit

Hatlanta Jazz and Brunch-benefit

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Hatlanta Jazz and Brunch-benefit

Hatlanta Jazz and Brunch-benefit

I am the CEO of Relationships Start With You. We assists women who are dealing with low self-esteem, poor body image and are struggling with life’s difficult transitions. We offer candid motivational speaking, interactive workshops, freelance writing and family and community outreach services.

Year 2013 is around the corner so book us today. Go to www.relationshipsstartwithyou.net or call 404-832-5480. Blessings!!!


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Women and Relationships Unplugged-January 1-31, 2013

January 1-31, 2013



Hatlanta Jazz and Brunch-benefit

Hatlanta Jazz and Brunch-benefit

Ladies and Gents get ready for “Women and Relationships Unplugged.” It will be a candid and personal journey for those who are ready to live a life of peace, self-love and renewed faith.

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What are your thoughts on infidelity in the 21st century?

Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women'...

Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women’s Sexual Fantasies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The leather pride flag, which has become a sym...

The leather pride flag, which has become a symbol of BDSM and fetish subcultures. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I stumbled across a very interesting website advocating  views of sexual freedom in the 21st century. With divorce on the rise, there are still others who believe in their rights to freely  copulate with anyone they want as long as it is consensual and safe.


They advocate BDSM-Leather-Fetish, Swing, and Polyamory Communities among married and people.

1. Has the foundation and the institution of marriage been redefined and why?

2.What are your thoughts on infidelity in the 21st century?

3. Do you feel that marriage is sacred?

4. What if you found out after you were married that your spouse is into swinging? What would you do?