Emani Moss: The Child Protective System Failed


Child Starved to Death; Later Burned and Thrown in a Trash Can Picture: Coutesy of Robin Moss

        Child Starved to Death            Later Burned and Thrown in a Trash Can
Picture: Coutesy of Robin Moss

I am troubled by society and the handling of abusive parents. A beautiful little girl, Emani Moss  (10) was starved and burned at the hands of her father and stepmother in Georgia. What happened to the nosey neighbor that reported everything? Where is our compassion for others; especially, defenseless children? We MUST take a stand and stop the violence against children at the hands of their own relatives and  even strangers.

Children are defenseless! If we do not help them, then shame on us!!!  Her stepmother and father were ordered to attend parenting class . Once they completed the course, Emani was returned to them. Her grandmother fought to keep her but was denied. This little girl will never attend her prom, get married, have children and a career. She was robbed of having a loving home with parents who nutured, loved and protected her. Her life meant nothing to the people who starved, burned and threw her in the trash can like a discarded object.

If you suspect abuse, report it! Call the police; contact the media. Do not stand by and watch a defenseless child have the life literally sucked out of them. There are many others who are abused and no one wants to get involved; thus, it is not reported until it is too late.  People care more about their animals than they do a helpless human being. The court system gives harsher punishment in an animal cruelty case because if the child does not have visible signs (bruising, scars, broken limbs) they find it difficult to prosecute the perpetrator . Laws need to be changed so that senseless killing of children can cease.


Rest in peace sweet  baby girl, Emani Moss.

Shop Is Closed!!! It Will NOT Be Re-Opened For Business!!!

angry couple

Why waste your energy on someone who only sees you when it is convenient for him? He’ll show up for sex, a little cash and broken promises. Stop making excuses for this loser. He doesn’t have your best intentions at heart; he’s using you and every woman that crosses his path! Next time he “stops by,” look that idiot in the face and tell him “shop is closed! It will not be reopened for business!”


You Ought to be Ashamed of Yourself!

REAL TALK: Ladies stop putting a man’s needs over your children. God gave you charge to love, nurture, teach and model how to live life. Stop exposing your children to worthless MALES for a few dollars and a warm bed. Your children will resent you for making them feel unloved and discarded. Stop having babies if you are not willing to raise them properly. It’s called birth control.


I See Your True Colors-I Know Who You Really Are!

Ladies, before you are intimate with a man, get to know the person first. When sex is involved, at the beginning stages, it clouds your judgement. Women are emotional creatures which means we get attached easily while a man sees it as emotionless sex. You need to know if he is married, separated, in a relationship, employed, spiritually grounded, has good credit, goals and aspirations, been convicted( circumstances that led to the conviction),etc. A background check is not a bad thing in today’s society. Look out for yourself and don’t fall for every man that tells you that you look good.

From the heart,

As Women, Where Do We Draw The Line…

I chose to be happyWhen a man disrespects you by calling you a b***h, wh**e and trap, why do you still allow him in your life. You were given a birth name. Others terms of endearment are fine but NEVER allow a man or woman to disrespect you. It poisons your mindset and then you think less of yourself. Stop dealing with little boys, cowards, abusers and males who will not get a job and instead lay on your couch, eat your food, use your air, water and lights, are mean to your children and then take your money. There are men out there who were raised well. You can do better!!! KNOW YOUR WORTH!!!
DYSFUNCTION is not a option!!! Love yourself and your children enough to get out of that unhealthy relationship. There are all kinds of government and private resources, family and friends that can help you ONLY if you want better! Always have a plan in place so that you are safe! I am fighting and praying for your strength!
From the heart!

Women and Relationships Days 20-21 I Am My Sister’s Keeper


God (Photo credit: the|G|™)

I received a message on my  fan page, Relationships Start With You,from  a woman who has been dealing with adversity but her faith is in tact. I did receive permission to publish her message. I read it and so many things came to mind.

We complain about the most minute (of minor importance; insignificant; trifling) things and there is a sister out there who is struggling daily just to stay afloat. If you have a roof over your head, clothes on your back and in your closet, shoes on your feet, a refrigerator and pantry full of food and a vehicle then you are blessed. Trust me I am ministering to myself. I ask God to give me the words to say so that I could witness to her and He did. The young lady, in turn, prayed for me. Remember, some people are one paycheck away from losing everything so be grateful.

Don’t wait until the holidays to help someone in need. Clean out your closets, write a check, volunteer or minister to a sister in need. Your words may be the catalyst for a woman to make the decision to pave forward and get her life in order. I am thankful that her children are in a safe place,too.  Matthew 5:3 says “God blesses those who are poor and realize their need for him, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.”~New Living Translation

These are her own words:

I‘ve spent all of 2012 since leaving my abuser in March being 7 and a 1/2 months pregnant for a page that could support my current situation. It’s hard being a single mom, on welfare, in transitional housing, with no friends or family to fall back on. Don’t get me wrong; I am happy because I KNOW I AM BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVORED!! I came fleeing to my eldest sister whom which from I can remember barely ever saw eye to eye with. Needless to say, I lasted 6-7 days. I called a DV shelter, was prescreened, and accepted within 15 minutes. I can be descriptive but will get to the point. 2 months later after being granted an indefinite extension from my initial 28 day stay, I was given 4 days to pack up and go. Everywhere was packed literally. I called a lady whom I exchanged numbers with at the WIC office and she immediately took me to a church that funded me a 3 day stay to buy time for another shelter to have an opening but being 37 weeks pregnant nowhere wanted the liability. So graciously a lady named Janet Hagan from St. Vincet DePaul NEVER gave up on me and my cause. She helped me with extra resources to pay for what became only a 17 day stay total in the motel. After approximately 60+ nos God finally gave me a yes. I’ll admit the transitional program where I am now was the last number that a defeated me was NOT going to call. I was set up for an interview, called in 2 days with an acceptance and blessed to have had called 2-1-1 and be connected with an organization that helps pay for a security deposit for women relocating and surviving domestic violence. I was granted that fund in 2 days and moved in my own apartment the same day. Gladly, at 39 weeks, I gave birth to my son only being 7 days moved in. God is Good All The Time Every Time!! I left out a lot but this is my story. My home was fully furnished with brand new and not used EVERYTHING!! Crib, couch, dining room set, bathroom, kitchen utensils, Im still in awe of the overwhelming support and chase down of blessings I’ve received. To God be the Glory!!

Please remember her and the children in your prayers tonight!

Blessings and Favor,


Women and Relationships Days 6 and 7 Verbal Abuse








“You are so stupid!” “Nobody wants you!” ” You need to lose weight with your fat a$%!” Words cut to the core of a person. MALES who are insecure and inept control their mates through verbal attacks and intimidation. Most of the time they convey negative messages by yelling, cursing,screaming,  jokes, blaming , name calling,using words to embarrass and degrade, blowing up with anger and rage and are always on the defensive. More importantly, the perpetrator dismisses his mate’s feelings and says that she is too sensitive. They try to break the confidence and spirit of a woman which causes her to doubt who she is and essentially her self-esteem is in the toilet.

Anatomy of a Perpetrator- Verbal abusers are insecure and have deep seeded issues of inadequacy.  They are sometimes narcissistic, reactive, manipulative, a loner, opportunistic, self-deceptive and have rigid expectations. Verbal abusers need to feel powerful and be in control; thus,simulating a sense of feeling good about themselves. So, they attack the person closest to them which is their mate. If the mate backs down when she is confronted or berated it makes him feel good; he conquered what he sets out to do-humiliate her. Most abusers do not want the outside world to know that mean and nasty words come out of their mouths. They have an “image” to uphold. They want to appear kind, loving and attentive. So, a woman is usually safe when others are around. Image is everything to an insecure male.

“People who have never been abused often wonder why a person wouldn’t just leave. They don’t understand that breaking up can be more complicated than it seems.” Break the Cycle

REMEDY– The only way to stop verbal abuse is to change the way you respond to it. Please understand that it is not your fault. Most verbal abusers have deep seeded psychological issues that have absolutely nothing to do with you. Remove yourself from the situation and get professional help. In addition have a solid, trusting support group that can encourage you to see the situation for what it really is:abuse. Do not show your emotions to the abuser. They feed off of your reaction. No platform. No reaction. Lastly, allow yourself time to heal. In the event that you are able to work things out with your mate and the verbal abuse stops, you need to let your emotions heal. Again, counseling can help you rebuild your self-esteem.  After he has received help, limit your interaction until you feel ready to be around him again.

MANTRA Physical, emotional, mental and psychological abuse is not to be tolerated. I will not put myself in the position to be bullied, disrespected, verbally abused or live in fear.  Cowards hurt women. Men treat women with class, respect, patience, love, and they appreciate you. If you are in a threatening, volatile situation, please seek help immediately. Call 911, crisis hotline or seek refuge from family,  friends or a shelter. When you love yourself, you will not stay in an abusive relationship. The National Domestic Violence Hotline  number is 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

I am not designed to be hurt or abused in any form because_________________.I will not put my children nor myself in a volatile situation because I am financially dependent or have nowhere to go. There are resources that are available to me.