Good morning everyone,
I started Relationships Start With You because I wanted to reach out to women who were broken and in despair. I was once that same woman. It breaks my heart when I see my sister despondent, not knowing which way to turn or what to do. So, I became transparent about my own personal demons and insecurites to let women know you can make it. No matter what stage/age you are in life there is always hope. I take my business seriously; my page is not a place to see how many fans I can get but to reach out to my sister in need. If I can help one woman then my work is not in vain. I know what it feels like and I am no different from you. I’ve dealt with infidelity, physical and verbal abuse and it made me feel that life was not worth living. My first step towards healing was making the decision to get out of my depression, receive the help I needed, leave my toxic relationship and start anew. It did not bother me anymore what people said or thought about me; my number one concern was my sanity and the example I was setting in front of my children. I wanted to live and be happy. As a result, I graduated from college in 1995 and 1998, set free in 2004, married my soulmate in 2009 and lost 61 lbs. in 2011!

You are not alone!

From the heart,

Women and Relationships Day 1: Pledge

I-am-my-own-womanToday, January 1, 2013, I begin my journey of self-discovery with renewed passion and commitment.I am open to bettering myself and my situation by being realistic about who I am and come to terms with the past so that I can be free of anything or anyone that is holding me back. I will view my mistakes as stepping stones to greatness. My purpose is to grow, prosper, be healthy (mind, body and soul) and walk in my destiny. I am no longer afraid to let go of the past. I will start anew by forgiving myself and others, taking my life back and looking forward to creating a new me! Today, I pledge to remove the outward appearance that I maintain to conceal a less pleasant reality, tear down the walls of pain, hurt and disappointment and learn to love and appreciate the woman that God created me to be.

Tomorrow, we will discuss Wellness-Taking Better Care of Yourself.


Series-Rebuilding Your Life

I’m excited to announce that I am starting a new series of blog posts, called “Rebuilding Your Life.”

I get a lot of questions from my clients, friends and family about the motivating factors that help to rebuild my life and begin anew.  I would love your feedback so that I can improve my blog and better serve you.




My sister Tammy

I would like to pose some questions: Do you know you are valued by others? Do you know that your life has purpose? Did you know that people perceive you the way you perceive yourself? My sister, Tammy Tennard, shared that with me years ago and that was one of the most powerful,poignant statements that changed my view of myself and life. Thank you for helping me to love myself!

:)Remember: Whatever you are going through that is painful, disappointing or lacking in your life, it is only temporary! You have to believe in yourself!!! No PITY PARTIES!!! You have a set purpose in life and that is to help others!!! It’s not always about you! Through your tears, extend that olive branch to help someone!
I love humanity and that includes YOU!!!