Real Preachers of LA: Haddon Versus McClendon (Exclusive Video)

How do you really feel about megachurches and the negative/positive affect on communities? Do you believe churches should run like businesses? Have pastors lost sight of their roles: saving souls?


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Learn From Reality Shows: Relationship 101

Stevie J., Joseline and Meme View Source:

Stevie J., Joseline and Mimi
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Why do you live a dramatic life? What is cute about that? You are fighting, cursing and acting a damn fool over a man that is doing exactly what he wants!!! He is blatanly disrespecting you and for some strange reason, you are allowing it!!! Where is your self-worth, boundaries and standards? I am here to tell you that you can do better! It is a mentality. Learn from the show, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta (yes that is my gulity pleasure!). Joseline proposed to Stevie J KNOWING he is a womanizer!!!! Does that make sense to you? She ALLOWS him to continue to manipulate her by using his ex-girlfriend Mimi as a pawn. What is wrong with that picture? I see reality shows as life lessons. In other words, they model what is unacceptable in a thriving, loving and trustworthy relationship. Take notes!!!